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The cost for consultations and for ongoing sessions is £90. Sessions are 50 minutes long and they are usually either once or twice a week depending on what we agree on during the initial consultation.


I can offer a limited number of reduced rate sessions for those on a lower income.


Fees are payable by bank transfer. An invoice will be sent at the end of each month with bank details by my practice manager, Maximilian. Payments will be expected within a week of receiving the invoice.


This is a confidential safe space and your privacy is a priority. I follow the confidential ethical guidelines of the British Psychotherapy Council (BPC), British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BAPC) and UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). 


At the moment I am offering remote sessions exclusively. These can be done via Zoom or Skype. When using Zoom, I will be sending a link ahead of time. If we meet via Skype, I will share my Skype user name beforehand and will expect your call me at the time of our scheduled meeting. I strive to make the technological aspects of remote sessions as easy as possible. If at any point the communication breaks down due to internet issues, then there is an option of continuing the session by phone (I would suggest keeping my telephone number at hand during the session). 


Ahead of our meeting I recommend you are in a quiet and comfortable space where you have privacy and access to anything you may need like water, tissues, etc. Please ensure that you have adequate internet connection and access to a charged device.


Outside our scheduled meetings, I am contactable through my email for any urgent matters and I can also receive text messages which I will endeavour to answer within the next 24 hours during weekdays. It is good practice to be mindful about divulging confidential matters via email. It is best to discuss these over Zoom, Skype or telephone call. If the emergency cannot wait, please refer to your GP for advice and I also add a few trusted 24-hour helplines below:

If you are abroad please make sure to adjust the time of our meetings according to the UK time changes.


Weekly sessions will be held for as long as the therapy is ongoing. Any cancellations by the client will be charged unless we can reschedule the session for another time the same week (which is the case the majority of the time). Of course there are exceptional circumstances which will be up for consideration. Sessions cancelled by me will not be charged.


I will be taking some breaks during the year, these happen usually around school holidays and I shall be given 4 week’s notice. Sessions missed during this time will not be charged. 

If you have any complaints please contact the BACP


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